Monday, December 27, 2004

Your Rands Xmas Cards

The recent post of Rands in his weblog got me thinking about the idea of getting income from messages and articles that keep flowing from ones creative recesses and straight to an outlet such as the Internet.

According to the weblog entitled, "Your Rands Xmas Cards", the next step after having success in pouring one's heart out and creating Shakespearean masterpieces and bestsellers is making it a profitable business entity. The author said that while some "entity" will make weblogs a profitable business, he is otherwise inclined to disagree. He further pointed out that something "sinister" usually happens when one mixes ideas with money. And that "sinister" event is one's transformation into a business, a politician, or a religious leader. With Rands' words, these sounded like the most unpopular and disturbing job in the world.

He further stated that the "sinister" transformation changes the one with the ideas, as well as the ideas themselves. You no longer give out ideas for free and for all to see, but your ideas and messages become so restricted to the parameters of future profitability, delectability, or even divinity.

Well and good for Rands that he has money and a job to support him and his ideas. But what about the others who are not as successful as he is? Since people are getting the fun and enjoyment out of having an outlet for their ideas and messages, why not profits as well? It's not a crime you know to get paid for work done, particularly those that have been printed.

Even Google is on the same track. In a recent news article, Google is exploring the possibility of several search engines enabling end users to get printed material, pay-per-view documents and scanned documents with clickable ads, and providing print publishers the opportunity to swap out ads in digital copies of their printed pages. This means profits. Another income-generating application that Google has provided is the AdSense, wherein weblogs get profits by the links and ads that are integrated. I don't know the specifics on how it works; but needless to say that that is another way of getting profits.

If a big name like Google is doing this for profits' sake, why not the small and individual players get the opportunity to use the Internet as a source of their bread and butter? One last question: what's the title got to do with Rands' rantings

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