Thursday, January 13, 2005

Postcards: Enabling a Digital Reality

With the birth of e-postcards, it shrinks the different States in the world into a ‘global village’. Everyone is like neighbors. When we feel like giving an inspirational postcard to somebody we can do it with just a flick of a finger. When a friend needs spiritual assistance, an spiritual postcard is just a mouse click away.

If I am to describe the latest technology, I will say it is on the ‘bleeding edge’ – a streak which separates fantasy from reality. This is where we draw the line. The populace in the past milieu may find this impossible during their time but now we’re enjoying the technology far less than they did before.

Before, it takes forever to have postcard printing services, postcard printing quotes as well as postcard printing and mailing. There are cases when you most likely to have it on the day of the occasion but twilight broke without the anticipated delivery… A lot of mail misses the target date. Some misses the target person. It happens when the mail was sent to other person with the same name. Either way it’s frustrating! The level of eagerness and excitement is different when you have it at the right moment in time.

Postcards answered most of the mailing problems. Communication – both in respect with information giving and reaction to the information experienced quantum leaps. We must embrace the leaps for the improvement of human performance technology.

With this new technology we developed social consciousness. We get acquainted with people from different race, color and creed. We get to understand what they’re going through, how they feel and what they feel about us. Good thing with it is the confinement of interaction with more people simultaneously.

With e- postcards you can save it in your e-mail mailbox. You can customize it and add a whisk of personalization, your personal message and other eccentricities. With it multiple card sending is possible, you can send the same card to all of your friends and relatives. Thus, it’s not time-consuming in fact it saves time. You can do other things with your extra time.

E-Postcards can be used for free. A lot of e-postcard companies are exhibiting a lot of postcards for different occasion, people and events – and most of these are for free. You can choose from their wide range of selection, add up a little message for a dramatic effect and send it off. Interaction simplified that’s what e-postcards are all about!

Monday, January 10, 2005


One important thing to think of in creating a web page is to attract people with the pictures or graphics that you add on it. If you want your web page to attract attention, create a colorful and well defined computer graphics. If you do not know much about web designing, choose from a wide variety of softwares that will help you come up with exactly what you need.

There are softwares and programs that have ready-made templates or frames. There are also those which contain more choices for animation. Adobe has everything you need in making a professional-looking web design. Adobe will help you minimize the time consumed in creating graphics for the web page.

Adobe also introduced the “flair” for after effect. The flair is a set of eight fast high quality filters. They are the amiga rules or zoom rotator, box blur, glass sphere, glow, highlight, mosaic plane, radial blur, and volumetrics. It has selections that are used to split colors and to determine radius. There are parameters that can be adjusted, like lighting. Other parameters are used to alter colors and there are several blend modes to choose from. You can also determine the intensity of glow. It is more accurate so there will be no popping effect during animation. There are sparkling lights and prism effects. Volumetrics lets you create blazing fast impressive light effects.

Although some of these after effect are already included in other previously used graphics softwares, Adobe’s flair after effect gives more elegance to your design.

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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Black and White is Beautiful

Before there was color photography, there existed black and white photography. Magazines back then were printed with a few touch of color and all else was black and white.

Looking back at the history of photography, we can see the prevalent use of black and white films for practical reasons. Early on, color film, processing and printing was expensive and the quality of output was not that satisfactory due to poor processing techniques and lack of proper equipment. If not poor, it was outright lousy. The demand for color jobs was not that high since most of the printed photos and even television shows were in black and white.

The requirement for black and white films went downhill with the massive production of better color films and discovery of better processing methods all offered at much lower prices. Sale of black and white films took a backseat and there was a rapid decline in the number of commercial processors who could do a satisfactory job. Why, buying the film itself proved to be very difficult!

There is now a renewed interest in B&W printing and fortunate are the photographers who stayed with the old school through thick and thin. Many people are now giving further attention to the beauty of black and white. A black and white photograph can in many cases show much more emotion and mystery than its color counterpart. Quite often a color print of the same subject can just overpower the viewer with the sheer beauty of its color, while hiding all feeling of the scene. There is indeed a place where color is preferable - examples could be sunsets, or a colorful busy marketplace, etc. But take the example of an elderly fisherman, with deep wrinkled lines from years of exposure to the elements. Now imagine his face captured on a black and white photograph, seen from the many shades of grey through to black – a beautiful moment preserved in time.

A proper choice of subject will surely render a timeless work of art. Indeed, black and white is beautiful.

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Monday, January 03, 2005

Picture Perfect Printers

I was just about to buy photo printers for my new digital camera when I came across this article. At first, I had no idea that there were two kinds of photo printer, the inkjet and the thermo. It was good that I was able to open this site and read it. I learned a lot from it.In the past, I only use a conventional printer however I found it very impractical. It did not give the output I expected whenever I do printing using it. The low resolution and the blurry quality of it annoyed me. That was the reason I decided to buy a printer that will match my digital camera.This article gave me the knowledge I needed to be able to know what to buy. The article also stated the pros and con among the two kinds of printers. I know what to buy after that.Now that I have acquired my new printer, the expectation I set before buying it did not let me down. It was true to its name of “photo printer.”I can now print quality photos like never before. I can now print quality post cards and never worry about the clarity of images. The photo printer is really the best gadget I acquire next to my digital camera. It really is very useful especially when there are special activities I have to document.
With this gadget all I need to consider are the postcard printing services, postcard printing quotes andpostcard printing and mailing. Now, that's simple!
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