Monday, January 10, 2005


One important thing to think of in creating a web page is to attract people with the pictures or graphics that you add on it. If you want your web page to attract attention, create a colorful and well defined computer graphics. If you do not know much about web designing, choose from a wide variety of softwares that will help you come up with exactly what you need.

There are softwares and programs that have ready-made templates or frames. There are also those which contain more choices for animation. Adobe has everything you need in making a professional-looking web design. Adobe will help you minimize the time consumed in creating graphics for the web page.

Adobe also introduced the “flair” for after effect. The flair is a set of eight fast high quality filters. They are the amiga rules or zoom rotator, box blur, glass sphere, glow, highlight, mosaic plane, radial blur, and volumetrics. It has selections that are used to split colors and to determine radius. There are parameters that can be adjusted, like lighting. Other parameters are used to alter colors and there are several blend modes to choose from. You can also determine the intensity of glow. It is more accurate so there will be no popping effect during animation. There are sparkling lights and prism effects. Volumetrics lets you create blazing fast impressive light effects.

Although some of these after effect are already included in other previously used graphics softwares, Adobe’s flair after effect gives more elegance to your design.

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