Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Converting your CAD Files to 3D Max

For those of you who ask on the fastest way to convert drawings made from the older version of CAD to the newer version, you might want to try doing it manually by saving your new revised drawings in a different folder. You might also find writing a letter or number at the end of the drawing title to represent the revision useful, in case there is duplication and to help you keep track easily.

CADâ„¢ 3D MAX Version 15 has added great features wherein you can set the base drawing units in the current drawing. This means you can choose to draw in miles, feet, inches, millimeters, centimeters, meters, or kilmoeters. Plus, you can also choose to draw in the "classic" unitless mode. This is just another good news for graphic designers, web developers and those who loves to create drawings.

For more information and an in-depth advice in converting older DesignCAD formats to the newest version, I found that there's a utility that eliminates the need to open and save existing DesignCAD files one by one. All of the DesignCAD drawings in a specific location can be saved as DesignCAD 3D MAX Plus drawings with just a single stroke of the utility.The utility will save you hours of monotonous and eye-straining work when you save many of your existing drawings to the newest version. Plus, as additional security, it does not delete the old files even if they have already been converted.

Here's how you can install the utility:

Step 1: Download the zip file. It's available now in the internet.
Step 2: Extract the files in the zip file to your DesignCAD 3D MAX Plus folder.
To use the utility, open the DESIGNCAD 3D MAX Plus to a new, blank drawing. Choose the RUN EXECUTABLE command from the Tools menu, then select BATCH.EXE, which is located in your DesignCAD 3D MAX Plus folder. Click OPEN. The DesignCAD File Update Wizard window will appear. Using the DesignCAD File Update Wizard, browse through the location of the drawings you want to convert. Click the button NEXT.

Then browse to the directory where you want the new files to be located. Click CONVERT. Your old files are now saved as DesignCAD 3D MAX Plus drawings. When the conversion utility has completed its work, you can now start using the new drawings. They are located in the output directory you have specified during conversion.

Just remember, for converted symbol files, you must open your drawings and manually change the symbol reference if you want your file to open to your newly updated symbols.

I hope this helps.

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