Monday, January 16, 2006

Assessment of the Print Market

How does the print market perform? How will it perform in the coming years? These aspects are two of the most important aspects that we aspire to know, right?

Now, we need not wonder and create false notions because an assessment report has been open to the public eye.

I have learned in PINE blog that PIA/GATF had already released an economic report entitled Over the Horizon: The Economy and Print Markets — 2005–2007. Said report assessed the print markets. It delved into last year’s progress and blunders.

Also included in the report are the predictions in the coming years. The predictions include future trends, major threats and opportunities that can affect printing services until 2007.

The report is given for free to all its members. Non-members though can purchase the same in the amount of $250. You can get it at GAIN’s bookstore.

I am hoping for a more productive print market. I hope we all do.


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