Monday, January 16, 2006

Blogging It!

In the entry “Blogs Are Worth It”, it was revealed thatblog readers are seeking alternative news and information and they can find such insights from industry specialists, employees or influential consumers who keep tabs on what they think is worth sharing with their networks. Just like in any other media, there are those blogs that are better written and produced than others. The writing style, the author's background, the extent of his/her online and offline networks may all affect how far a blogger's opinions will reach and influence. However, these variations do not mean that blogs are not valid platforms for marketing. They just point out that we need to be smarter about choosing the right channels. As Moon noted in her previous entry, blogs can introduce marketers to niche audiences in cost-effective, non-intrusive ways. Even if a brand chooses not to advertise on blogs or have a team member keep a blog, it would be wise to monitor word of mouth percolating on blogs. For, millions of Internet users turn to these subjective sources to seek recommendations on current events, new gadgets and social issues. The chatter from blogs can provide useful content analysis, mapping exactly how information circulates in a networked society.

Blogging is still as influential as ever. Thus, to blog means to have connections and opportunities. Moreover, we have to blog more wisely and effectively.


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