Saturday, January 14, 2006

Postcard’s Printing and Mailing

1. Save time and effort. If you can have it in a quick and easy way, why complicate the situation. Plan a series of effective steps without sacrificing the quality of your postcard printing and mailing services. The saved time and perhaps money is a huge contribution already.

2. Take advantage of ready-made templates. Online templates have invaded the Net. By this, designing will not be a trouble. You just have to download the most appropriate templates for your business or personal use.

3. Or opt for a good printer. For those businessmen who want their postcards to have a unique look, a reputable printing company can assist them to come up with a good project.

4. Do your Mailing List. If you are doing it online, upload your mailing list from different file formats. Never forget MS Word and Excel. A copy is also needed when you have chosen a postcard printing company to do the job.

5. Verify the names and addresses. You can do this by poring against post office records. Mailing online can do this automatically. If any of the addresses did not much, notification will be sent to you. The best thing to do is to get rid of these addresses. It will be a waste of money to send postcards to invalid addresses.

6. Mailing formats can also be specialized. Obviously, templates for postcards are the best choice. However, you can take into consideration other mailing pieces like brochures, letters and self-mailer flyers.

7. Send them out. When doing it online, select the date for your mailer to go out. When you are transacting with a commercial printer, stipulate on the dates. Choose a printer that gives a fast and accurate turnaround. 23 cents is the cost for postcards normal postage. On the other hand, if you do online mailing, the cost is 24 cents. Well, that is something to ponder about…


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