Friday, February 10, 2006

Decode what’s Hidden in the Message

Words play an important role in commerce. It can persuade customers to buy or subscribe. Nonetheless, it can also frustrate and infuriate them. Wrong choice of words can spoil an otherwise good business standing and goodwill.

I have read the entry Content That Moves”. It says:

An engaging or viral message needs to have relevance for the audience. What type of content do people read on, remember, and even pass along? A study from Sharpe Partners answers these questions. The national survey of online adults indicates that Internet users are most likely to pass along humorous content (88%). More than one-half (56%) forward news and about a third share healthcare (32%) and religious content (30%). One quarter of users say that they pass along games (25%), personal finance information (24%) and hobby-related messages (24%).

The survey's findings on how sharing content varies by sub-cultures are also telling about nuances word of mouth marketers have to consider when planning campaigns: Women, Southerners and Midwesterners are more likely to pass it on then their counterparts.

Final tip based on the study for communicating with sophisticated (and saturated) audiences who sift through information before sharing it with their email lists:
Consumers are less likely to forward overt brand messages and they are more open to brand sponsorships.

The use of words cannot be overemphasized. Say, in the postcard advertising business, if you happen to say the wrong words, your postcard business will go down the drain. Waste of money, time and effort. Whew! What a disgrace!


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