Thursday, February 23, 2006

Deltiology and myself

Deltiology is currently the third largest collectable hobby in the whole wide world. I am so happy that I am part of that hobby. Doing the same, makes me acquainted with different places and things which are both seen and unseen by me. Credit must be given to Franco-Germans since they are the ones who produced the very first historical card.

The present era is a photochrome postcard milieu. It is also commonly called as ‘modern chromes’. It started in the year 1939 and stays up to the present time. I am influenced by this milieu in the sense that I have learned to incorporate my pictures to come up with customized postcards.

Since, these postcards are not that ordinary thus, it must be processed through custom postcard printing. A special postcard printing process that acknowledges your postcards special needs. When you have opted custom postcard printing, be sure that you only entrust your printing needs to a credible and reputable commercial printing that way you can be secured of the results. You need not be troubled with discrepancies and other annoying aftermaths.


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